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Martina della Valle, Sabine Delafon


exhibition view at RITA URSO artopiagallery, Milan

April 11 | May 11, 2013



The two floors of the Artopia gallery host two solo shows by Martina della Valle and Sabine Delafon. Two different paths with common themes such as time and the written word, ethereal and whispered works that meet in the materiality of the object. Limited edition multiples that tell us about art not as a distance but as an object  that is friend, neighbor, useful, to be experienced. The two rooms of the gallery will host a path that will lead us into the interior of an archetypal house, underlined by the presence of the Leftover furniture accessories by Alfred Von Escher, in which the works of the two artists will dialogue with each other, telling us stories of past and words written in the present and for the future. The sound of a dialogue, the video, the clocks on the wall and the works painted on fabric will give life, in the first room, to a bright and rarefied atmosphere that will become concrete going up to the second floor of the gallery. In a more intimate setting we will find valuable editions of the works in this exhibition, works that are not restricted to being seen and admired but are multiples to be used and lived every day. In addition to the multiples we will find, almost as to recall a museum context, reference material and two video interviews for an all-round discussion about the research of the two artists.



Federica Tattoli


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