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Kristine Alksne

Terrains Vagues

January 16 | April 2, 2007

The project Terrains Vagues was born from the encounter between Kristine Alksne - in her first solo show in Milan - and the musician Giuseppe Ielasi. Starting from the observation of the maps created by Google Earth software, where the boundaries between land and water are turned into pure and abstract contours, until the loss of every possible geographic connotation, and from registrations of "shortwave radio" processed to obtain pure tones and frequencies, Alksne and Ielasi generate irregular forms which invade the gallery in a suspended and rarefied atmosphere. By transfiguring images and sound details, they compose unique imaginary landscapes. Working in and on the space offering a personal reading of reality is one the peculiarities of Kristine's work. Her works, among video, photography, drawing and installation, were often born in the cracks, using materials lent by nature or from the places of intervention. She often realises installation which are intended to be crossed and traversed, inciting to win back emotions and the search for balance between outer world and the most intimate and private one, the world of perceptions. Light, minimal, sensitive, and mimetical, Kristine Alksne's work takes its origin from the visual data that the artist can pick around herself: from natural phenomena observed in detail and in its temporariness to architectural presences to airy landscapes that can be seen from an airplane window.

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