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Tarin Gartner


January 15 | June 30, 2004

“In the project tarin meets gartner, the artist made a series of new works that show the relation between these different identities. Tarin, the name that represents her existence as a young woman living in Milan, meets Gartner, the surname with its seven letters, reminds her where she comes from, who she is for the society and her own unforgettable history. The exhibition’s format is five big pictures taken in Rosh Hanikra, on the border between Israel and Lebanon, and near Tiberias La ke, the Kineret. The images relate to each other and to the drawings. The text and the elements that bring back childhood memories in the drawings, alternate different moments and feelings, from a clear expression to an absolute silence. In Gesher photographed on the Beach near Rosh Hanikra, Gartner finds cracks and gaps in the stones and builds a human bridge over the rocks with her own body. It’s a clear, simple and precise image, a metaphor of the artist’s will to connect split lands, not through projects or infrastructures, but through man, its role and responsibilities. In this image we find other different small photos, like a female soldier who stops a Muslim couple in Jerusalem, the artist’s father who can be seen from the car’s side mirror and the guy in a street of Milan wearing a T-shirt that says “Tarin has long nails”. Middle street represents the artist squatting on a deserted street. At the top there is a small photo of a traffic sign which shows the distance between Jerusalem, Haifa, Amman and Baghdad. Short distances, but at the same time almost impossible to reach. Sheket+Tarin describes the state of absolute silence and solitude that one feels in front of the beauty of nature, and for a moment, the earth claims back its long essence after the events, that have marked it...''


Nice to meet you  by Michela Arfiero


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