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Marco Bonafé


September 16 | September 30, 2013

Of kinetic reminiscences, in the works by Marco Bonafè there is always a hidden introduction to movement. The artist faces, graphically, relationships difficulties in contemporary society and the sense of alienation of the human being. With a pre-ordinated superimposition of plastic film on pvc or paper, he creates twists, optic effects that describe the complexity of human connections. Monochrome or multicolor, his overlappings of formal textures are compositions of a strong compositive balance, obtained through the technique of collage and spray, gradually modulating color intensity and angle of the sketch. Bonafè chooses reflecting silver lines to draw on paper or on the wall paths and veinings, bumps and extroversions, metaphors of destabilising relationships, cause of a growing humiliating technology. These are analytical works, conglomerated living geometric elements that chromatically change along the day passing by and the glare of the observer. Through a cold aesthetics made up of compositive vibrations, positive and negative spaces, intersections and cuts, his works look like formal notes on the blank pages of a white notebook, or a betterment of the unusual details of old books. In Bonafè's research it is to be found a continuos and multifaceted reference to today's problems, which he shows through totemic and light marmored plastic sculptures or with bollard spoiled with scratches and chewingum, symbol of the complete destruction of whatever moral rule. The loss of a behavioural limit, the sensitive and aesthetic rearrangement of forms and abstractions.


Maria Chiara Valacchi

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