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Davide Savorani


September 19 | October 31, 2008


Francesca di Nardo: What does the word Parade for you?

Davide Savorani: Say this word gives a certain satisfaction, difficult to explain because it is closely tied to the physical sensation it produces. Part the lips to finish the outside corners of the lungs. Just do a test to detect. Indicates the addition of bodies with different speeds. Parade calls many images: a march conviction or a sheet of paper with writing on the ranking of the week. Does not exclude Cocteau and even the sound of fanfare. E 'playful and misleading because it brings together and exclude. And 'the only word able to appoint my transition to Artopia, the dynamics of different jobs that will be able to produce and put into play.

FDN: Your work is often based on combinations of gestures and / or objects, drawings, the work is a summation of signs and shapes of particles can decide your own alphabet. What expressive possibilities this system offers combinatorics?

DS: I think they're the place and when you take a question that will decide the motion to cross. Every time I face a new phase of my work happens explosion that generates a lot of material. Design and I move with the same apparent recklessness and impatience. 90% of this material is "waste" is formed at the same time, the solid foundation of work, and that from which it grows. What you call "combinatorial system" is a possibility that can load both the intestine to the work that the dialogue between it and the site / host, and finally, the reaction of the audience. The combinatorial system involves some risk, such as to download the whole combination.

FDN: During one of our first conversations we just talked about the importance that both have the "rejected", what I called at that time the "Bside" of the work, what makes the artist and the viewer does not directly sees, but he perceives as the foundations of the work. At this show I think that these "Bsides" are really fundamental to support both intellectual and physical, they slowly make your way up to become involved ... happened to the sculptures, for example...

DS: I'd call it a movement flexible, approach and departure, affected by various factors. I am reminded of the word "concert" ...

What you call "B-sides" are major sources, which are composed not only by the "waste", but also from mistakes and failures than by their nature "incomplete" continue to generate energy. This source, when added to the time and place, creates a determining force in the development and metamorphosis of the entire project. The exhibition space has proved to me as a scene, an active environment that can sustain a relationship. Even the landscape outside the windows offered by the five affected. A part of me knew that the path was marked by some surprises, the upsets: real surprises, exactly. So some elements are then discarded initially returned. Even now, as you say, there are questions whose answer will come only when attempting to begin the preparation for Artopia. This does not mean to upset or delete the original idea, but evaluate it carefully when the body begins to take shape, to exist in a tangible way.


Francesca di Nardo and Davide Savorani

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