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Elenia Depedro


October 2011

During winter 2009, I became interested in developed the effects of hypnotic trance linked to art performances. Then I connected this practice to the story of Kaspar Hauser. This is the performance piece I developed together with him". Accompanied by the song "Movimento per Kaspar H.", stage music arranged and composed by WK569, the artist gradually reaches a light state of trance through slow minimal movements, trying to identifying herself with the physical and mental condition of the young Kaspar. The mysterious story of Kaspar Hauser continues to provoke even today great interest. Kaspar saw the world for the first time at age 17 when he appeared apparently coming from nowhere in the middle of the square of Norimberga on the 26th of May 1828. He had lived his entire life in a cage, he was not able to speak, almost could not walk and could not stand the sunlight. He was entrusted to the care of a high school professor Dr. Daumer who, with fatherly love, raised him in a few months to live in society. His story became famous throughout the rich courts of Europe and Kaspar a true attraction. On 17th December 1833, just four years after his first appearance on this earth, Kaspar was murdered under mysterious circumstances.

Elenia Depredo

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