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Jelena Tomašević was born in Podgorica, Montenegro in 1974. 

Jelena lives and works in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. She graduated from the school of fine arts MFA, Academy of Fine Arts in Cetijie, Montenegro. Her work has been shown in several museums: the Kunstalle Fredricianum, Kassel, Germany, Center for Contemporary Art Podgorica, Montenegro, National Museum of Montenegro, Whitebox Art Center New York, USA, the 9th International Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul, Turkey. She also represented Montenegro/Serbia at the 51st Venice Biennal. In 2017 she won the 23rd edition of the Onufri Prize, at the National Gallery in Tirana, Albania, curated by Gaetano Centrone.





  • Mixed Memories, Rita Urso Gallery, Milano, Italy


  • Burden of Proof, Galerie Perpetuel, Frankfurt, Germany

  • Installation Life Interest, Handel Street Projects, London


  • Installation Object of Punishment, Galerie Perpetuel Frankfurt, Germany

  • Video Rain, Residency Unlimited,New York.USA


  • Video Installation, Galerie Herrenhausen, Hannover, Germany

  • Apparent Servitude, Artopia Gallery, Milano, Italy

  • Apparent Servitude, Center for Contemporary Art Podgorica, Montenegro


  • Just Kidding, Video, Gallery Thrust Projects, New York


  • Exhibition “Now That We Have Gone As Far As We Can Go....” Galerie Conrads, Düsseldorf, Germany

  • Just Kidding, Artopia Gallery, Milan Italy, Curated by Gabriela Serusi

  • Buero.DC, Cologne, Germany, Curated by Susanne Prinz


  • Joy of Life II, Thrust Projects, New York


  • Love Machines, Installation Budva, Montenegro.





  • Thordis Adalsteinsdottir | Emanuele Becheri | Adrian Paci | Renata Poljak | Giada Giulia Pucci | Moira Ricci | Jelena Tomašević | ZAPRUDER Filmmakersgroup, The Line of Sight, Rita Urso Gallery, Milano, Italy

  • Good Trouble. Artists responds to the 2020 Presidential Election", New York, Whitebox Art Center


• Exodus- National Museum of Montenegro

• White Anxieties 

• Unprofessionals, Art Gallery, Podgorica, Montenegro.
• Perceptions, National Museum Cetinje, Montenegro

• Unprofessional, ISU- Institute for Contemporary Art, Podgorica, Montenegro.

She represented Montenegro/Serbia at the 51st Venice Biennal.
• Autostrada Bienale, The Future of Borders, curated by Manray Hsu.
• Art of the Postcard, Handel Street Projects, London, UK.
• Beacon Bureau at Roaming Room-Roaming Room, London
• Gallery Centar, Podgorica, Montenegro.

• Concrete+Clay, Roaming Room, London.UK.
• Coming all Together Galerie Perpetuel Frankfurt, Germany.
• Cold Winds from Balkan, Pera Museum, Istanbul, curated by Ali Akayi and Alenka
• Midpointness, Transart Triennial. UK.
• Midpointness Airspace Gallery, Stoke, UK.
• Strageness/ Amazingness, 49. Hercegnovski zimski salon, Galerija Josip-Bepo
Benkovic, Herceg Novi, Montenegro.

• Exhibition Recycling Religion, White Box Galerry New York, USA
• Exhibition Recycling Religion, Satellite Art Fair, MIAMI, USA
• Satellite Art FAIR, Miami, USA
• Intimate Transgressions White Box Gallery New York, USA
• Wo das Gras gruner ist, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein
• Coexistance for a new Adriatic koine, Fondazione Museo Pino Pascali, Polignano a mare, Italy

• Exhibition Coexitence, National Museum, Cetinje, Montenegro
• Exhibition Procvetaj, Cveta Zuzuric, Beograd
• Exhibition Coexitence, National Museum Tirana Albania
• Exhibition EGO SUM, Center for Contemporary Art Montenegro • Paint Me Sculpturly, Artopia Gallery, MILANO, ITALY

• Exhibition, Imaginarni Balkan, Belgrade, Serbia, Curated by Bosko Boskovic • Exhibition, Subjective Maps/Disappearances-National Gallery of Iceland
• Group Exhibition Sarajevo
• Charlama Balkana, Luciano Benetton, Italy

• Exhibition Crossing, National Centre for Contemporary Art, Ekaterinburg, Russia.
• Exhibition Fluidentiteti ArsAevi, Sarajevo.BIH
• Exhibition Crossing Museum of Contemporary Art Erarta u Sankt Peterburgu , Russia. • Exhibition Multipla Market, Handel Street Project, London, UK.

• Exhibition Free Port of Art, Trieste Contemporanea, Italy
• 1 Time Machine Biennale, Atomski bunker, Konjic, Bosnia and Hercogovina The Quadrilateral Biennial_Out of Left Field-MMSU-Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka, HR
• Exhibition Real Presence, Belgrade-Serbia

• Quartet-Four Biennials Reflected in Prints-International Centre of Grafic Arts MGLC, Ljubljana, SLO. Curated by Rene Block
• Exhibition Sweet Little Dirty Things, Kultur Kontakt, Wien, Austria
• Exhibition, Gender Check, Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw
• Exhibition, The Rise and Fall of Excess Culture, Stux Gallery NYC

• Exhibition, Dear Countryman and Women, Gallery MC, New York
• Exhibition Gender Check, MUMOK Museum, Wien, Austria
• Exhibition Piccolo Stato, San Marino
• Exhibition, Festival novih vizuelnih tendencija, While Rome is Burning, Dom omladine Beograda

• Exhibition farmers Market, Gallery Handle Street Projects, London
• Quartett/Vier Biennalen im Spiegel grafisher Blatter, TANAS, Berlin/Germany, curated by Rene Block
• Art Forum Berlin, Galerie Conrads
• Arco Madrid, Galerie Conrads
• Exhibition Artist/Citizen 49 October Salon, Belgrade
• Pulse Art, NYC, U.S.A
• Art Brussels, Galerie Conrads

• Exhibition Best Regards from the blind spot Centro Cultural Montehermoso, Bilbao • Exhibition Regards from Serbia and Montenegro, Sacramento State University
• Exhibition Horizon EFA Gallery, Curated by David Humphtey, New York
• Inbetweeness, Roma, Italy
• Off – Center Femininities, Windows of Kimmel Center, New York University, Curated by Jovana Stokic
• Art Brussels, Galerie Cobnrads
• Lollypop, Body and Consumption, Museum of Contemporary Arts of Vojvodina - Serbia

• Collapsible Monuments, Thrust Projects, New York
• Art , Life & Confusion, 47th October Salon Belgrade, Serbia, Curated by Rene Block ana Barbara Hinrich
• ScaryTels,Filiale.Berlin,Germany
• Vienna Art, Thrust Projects
• Cross the Line, Galerie Conrads, Dusseldorf, Germany
• East to West, AP4-ART, Geneva, Switzerland

• FEM5-VideoFestival,VideoDrive,Spain
• The Biennial Portfolios, 9th International Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul, Curated by Rene Block
• Montenegrin Beauty, Kunstlerhaus Behanien Berlin, Germany
• Montenegrin Beauty, Mottorenhalle, Dresden, Germany
• The Eros of Slight Offence, Pvilion of Serbia & Montenegro, 51 st Venicce Biennial, Venice-Italy
• S1 Salon-Sheffield, UK
• In the Gorges of the Balkans, Kunsthalle Fridericianum Museum Kassel





• Onufri International Prize, National Gallery of Arts, Tirana, Albania 



• Award Hercegnovskog likovnog salona 2016 -Montenegro



• Award for best young artist of Montenegro, Centar for Contemporary Art 



• Award Hercegnovski likovni salon 2001- Montenegro



• Award Hercegnovski likovni salon 1991-Montenegro

• Award Milunovic-Stijovic-Lubarda - Montenegro


• Award Podgoricki likovni salon 1990-Montenegro



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