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Moira Ricci


March 15 | April 28, 2006

''...Moira Ricci works mostly with video and photography. At the heart of her interests is the world of family affections, family home as a natural theater of these relationships. With a brave gaze, willing to put into play her own emotionality, the artist realized some works starting from visual materials shot in a family setting, leaving its spontaneous beauty untouched but reorganizing it to add new reading levels. First of all the mirroring effect that her works arise in the viewers, the ability to transform the story of the self in a breeding ground to start a consideration on our world, the affects and places that, for better or for worse, create the identity of everyone.

With a technique that is very attentive to details, the artist "intrudes in the image", and she does it first of all by taking autoportraits with the dresses fitting the situation of the original picture, and obviously of the era. In a second step, she edits her own image and presence (also when, for obvious personal data reasons, it could not have been so) inside the picture, where her mother always appears in the most diverse contexts.

Because of the very precise outfit, hairstlyle, lights choices, at first sight the presence of an added character is not noticeable, but, skimming trough the series, the viewer can progressively focus on the recurring presence of a discreet figure who - in every situation - is watching in the direction of her mother..."



 Interfuit by Emanuele De Cecco

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