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Donatella Spaziani

May 13 | June 30, 2003

The search of Donatella Spaziani is based on the use and the dispersion of her mental and physical energy strictly connected to the space. Her work starts from a deep intimacy with enclose and banal places such as hotel rooms, rent-houses, places where the artist has a sort of catharsis from the limit and the forms of her body. The previous study of the work lasts a long time of isolation and meditation, but then it needs just the instant of a self-click for making the final result. So she obtains a subtil balance between the work’s planning and the accident in which itself is determined. In these images there is the Time, not the instant, not what happened, but the taste of time, its weight, the infinitive share-time. Donatella tells a common fact through her own linguistic syntax making flash-back, pauses and references to the past where it’s evident her will of not speaking about the future. Artopia will contains in its public and domestic space some of her never-exposed forms drawed on paper that become a three-dimensional idea. In the adjacent space there will be some photos realized in different countries and different periods which relate Donatella’s process of definition. At last, the artist will show a sculpture, a sort of filter between her interior space and the exterior reality. She chooses, with a maniacal care, common objects such as stools, chairs, beds and transforming and deforming them, she creates something new: benches are now adapted to her back, stools deformed for her belly, beds modified for falling into. Observing these objects immediately the spectator feels himself transported in an exceptional dimension. Donatella’s work is an analysis of the form. The mental form, the space and the body are all connected into an expressive tension due to the communication, to the time and their relation.


Altrove by Laura Garbarino

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