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Amleto Di Leo

COD. ID 92019

May 11 | June 30, 2006

Waves, sea, a strong light, innatural colors that help making the time connotation vague. A long time could have passed. Gaze trajectories, sentimental geometries. Three works composes the exhibition: a sequence photo series, two single pictures that dialogue between themselves, a bunch of other photos displayed on a colored wall that inform about the presence of a different area. One step back. Like a movie trailer, the work printed on the invitation talks on behalf of the artist's intentions. Suspended vision, attention concentrated on traces, we do not know if everything already happened or if the scene will take shape afterwards. Beach, towels and toys temporarily abandoned by someone we do not know. (From 11 am to 1 pm, XIII). In the exhibition this scene dialogues with others and takes the shape of a story fragment (From 11 am to 1 pm). An ordinary summer day. The characters went back to their places. A mother with her son at the seaside, the normality of the scene is spoiled by the size difference: the care of the other seen in the moment of its transformation, risking an implosion and a suffocation. The sea, slightly out of focus,  a boy that looks like a ghost, an incomprehensible expression, we do not see what he is looking at, we could suggest astonishment and confusion. (Variable distances I) And then, newly, the sea. This time water across the board. In the distance we can see something that looks like a raft. (Variable distances II) A colorful space interrupts the neutrality of the exhibition space walls. An undefined number of pictures. It's from this archive that the two exhibited works came, it's here where they can come back if the attention, in a coming stage, will go somewhere else. A private space to access in an informal way, here is open to other looks. It's the reconstruction of a piece of its own house, a private discussion that becomes public, possibilities and mistakes are made visible, in this stage everything is on the same level. Working materials exhibited before the moment some choices have been made. In this area hierarchies, horizontal vision, images amassed along the years, following the rhytm of one's own life, are not considered. Work in progress, looks flow where plurality appears as irreducibility of existence, seen in a unique dimension. Leak of identity logic, liberating shift to precariousness "that is in the end the freedom to which one is brought back or convicted to every time one lays down, even for a moment, masks and pretenses", (F. Remotti, Contro l'identità). During time, for fun, on business, for affection. Emotions taking shape, shadows, disturbing presences. Looks on objects and materials, on faces, on bodies, on a situation seen in its real time. Close-ups, medium-grounds, overviews: distances and focus scan different degrees of intimacy between who is looking and who is looked at.

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