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Martina Della Valle


February 24 | March 15, 2011


The project Blu, exhibited at Artopia gallery and at the gallery Kuhn & Partner in Berlin, is the new development of Martina’s research about traces and impressions, improved by the residency program AIR_ONOMICHI experience in 2009, promoted by the University of Onomichi (Japan). In fact, the symbolic importance of light, the photographic record of solar radiation’s effects are associated with a dynamic element born from the meeting with an origami master.From the black and white of the evanescent and impalpable previous works, the project shows the result of an event, Martina’s attention now turns to reality, linked to the cycle of perpetual destruction and regeneration of the things, represented in the transition from a state to another.  The two videos and the photos are an outline of the decomposition of original origami and they interact with the plasticity of sculptures made of blueprint paper mounted on aluminum that "move" inside the gallery. In the catalog of the show, published by Artopia in collaboration with the gallery Kuhn & Partner, Martina della Valle introduces to the project Blu and the most important moments of her research.It also contains two critical essays by Silvio Wolf and Chiara Agnello written for the previous shows in Artopia (2005-2007) and contributions by Francesca Di Nardo, Tamaki Ono, Alessandra Pace and Marina Sorbello.

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