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Sergio Breviario, Alice Guareschi, Chiara Lampugnani


May 27 | June 3, 2004

ARTOPIA SHOWCASE was born from the idea of showing the work of emergent artists in two different moments. A meeting, a show and a small event of the brief duration of a week that takes place in the spaces of the gallery, proposing both new works and already presented works that felt the need to be re-shown. With extremely different strategies and visions, the artists explore various perspectives ascribable to the concept of space, that become the intuition of the real world, the "being-in-the-world" feeling, the edge of a lived space, the reconstruction of a room, the unlimited extension of lines and points to arrange bodies upon or the creation of an object and its boundaries... 

Chiara Lampugnani designs and creates objects with materials and technical details that dematerialize their real function to create an imaginary one. Her approach is close to the world of design, the reasearch is built on drawing and 3D planning, not only of the sculptures, but also of the concept of how this could represent illusion inside reality. The wish of the artist is to create a dreamlike space, re-designing and re-constructing existing objects in a new dimension, that phisically encumbers the space, as if wanting to invade the world with dreams. Her works define the space they occupy by marking the boundaries of their presence through the design of light or material that catch the air as if it was a drawing in the atmosphere.

Alice Guareschi recreates awesomeness, stories, situations of an everyday and extraordinary past. Words, photography and video are the means to create a narrative and poetic language full of evocative moments that shift between real events and unconscious reminiscence. The images that the artist show look like visual fragments of a whole narrative itinerary that is undertaken during the making of a work. Through memory, like in a sort of diary, Guareschi does not simply tell events, but the emotional element of the cognitive act. A silent research where situations, places and times, transcribed in images and texts, overlap in a whole personal path rich in literary evocations.

Sergio Breviario works on the perception that comes from the relationship between object and subject in a specific circumstance. Tracing some observation points, he creates portraits that were born from their position in the space and from the measurability that exists among the elements in a precise place. Breviario sets up, every time with different means, an idea of painting that succeeds in its projection, where portraited shapes, elements and subjects can be distinguished by the various directions they indicates. A declination of an intellectual structure that perceives the measurability and the depth effect as creation, following the common laws of perception, of nervous sistem.

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