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Miriam Secco


November 17 - December 22, 2011


The project 11 case by Miriam Secco consists of a video that collects 11 performances related to homes where the artist lived from her childhood until today and 11 tapestry woven masks. The reflection on the fragility of the human condition is at the core of artistic and performative practice of Miriam Secco, frequently using the traditional technique of flemish weaving. The 11 performances on show at Artopia are developed as rituals, using some objects drawn from memory and from the personal unconscious of the artist, to face and allow the rework of an important phase of life. The actions are all within the city: on the subway, inside a telephone booth, moving through the streets. A series of non-places in the urban context, not only to highlight the difficulty in finding a space that can actually be experienced as a home but also to size the collective experiences with an intimate approach. The actions are therefore expressions of the artist's desire to transform a series of passageways in the urban points of exchange and temporary living spaces. As Miriam says: The lack of home forces many people to survive "outside", that is to say outside the protection of the home, the place where you can be yourself, where our personality is expressed. The masks that cover her face in each performance have been made with simple, daily-life materials (packing tape, plastic nets for fruits, twigs, feathers...) and woven fabrics. While the worn mask allows the subjectivity to depersonalize and to be an archetypal expression of suspension in time, on the other hand the warp of their tissues becomes a metaphor of time passing by, and of memory, that is stratified by placing past, present and future in a single weave.

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