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A conversation between Giovanni Giacomo Paolini, Piergiorgio Vitillo and Giacomo Segantin


Talk at Artopia Gallery 

On 30 May at 6pm was held a conversation between Giovanni Giacomo Paolin, independent curator, Giacomo Segantin, artist and Piergiorgio Vitillo, urban architect and lecturer at the Politecnico di Milano. The talk takes suggestion from the two exhibitions Path Dependency by the Belgian artist Eva L'Hoest (Liège, 1991) and La Tempesta by Giacomo Segantin (Abano Terme, 1995), which recently opened in the gallery and will be on view until the 12 July. It intends to explore the theme of landscape and the specific ways in which man and the environment interact.

On the same day, the catalogue accompanying the two exhibitions was presented. The publication, edited by the gallery, includes a selection of images of the exhibition and a critical essay by Giovanni Giacomo Paolin.

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