Renata Poljak, Ruta and the Monument, video, durata 17min , ed 5 + 1 p.a., 2007

Renata Poljak

curated by Francesca di Nardo

March 13 - July 3, 2009

Renata Poljak usually works with the video, as she confirmed me the feeling with this media has been instantaneous. Her formal approach, between the personal narration and the documentary, is a condition of necessity in which her experiences and her point of view give form to movies and videos belonging to the documentary form and genre....As I tried to synthesize during my last conversation with Renata, since political contents need to assume a political form in her work, such contents find in the documentary their (and obvious) context. Her necessity to analyze and watch the world through the video-camera spawns the reflection about our society, about socialism, about Tito, about belief, about monuments…

Francesca Di Nardo

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