Transformation implies the existence of an object in flux, an object which, over time, continuously takes on new, ever-changing forms. In chemistry this occurs in the phase transitions between states of matter, in biology it happens in the stages of cells, in physics, it is part of the laws of Newtonian mechanics, and it exists in law, in mathematics.

It is this concept of transformation and transition, developed through various media and works, that connects the works of Davide Allieri, Erika Hock, Jean-Baptiste Maitre and Johannes Wald, presented in the stand for Miart 2018. 


The artistic approach employed by Johannes Wald (Germany, 1980) belongs to the world of sculpture, situated in that instant before something takes form, in an almost perennial state of “becoming”. His works are never complete but live on in variations and restatements of the question of the indissolubility of form and matter. The sculptural process is inverted, and the rule of transformation overturned, by modeling marble and bronze inversely, endowing them with certain ephemeral characteristics of living beings such as breath, warmth, movement, and silence. In the work Giving body to the stone (I sognatori) (2017), two blocks of raw marble, innervated by heating cables, reach and transmit the body heat, they attract each other and they act as human beings inside the space. With this work, the gallery has been invited to participate in the transversal section of the fair ON DEMAND, curated by Oda Albera.