Paint me sculpturly, 2014, Exhibition view, Martha Clippinger

Magnus Pettersen, The new Non-Thing 13,  pigmented cement, 46x28x7,7 cm, 2014

Jelena Tomasevic, Apparent Servitude, mixed media on steel, 30x50 cm, 2009-2010

Carolyn Salas, Untitled, mixed media, 25,5x30x3,8 cm.


Martha Clippinger | Magnus Pettersen | Carolyn Salas | Jelena Tomasevic

curated by Boshko Boskovic

March 20 - May 9, 2014

Paint Me Sculpturly brings together works by Martha Clippinger, Magnus Pettersen, Carolyn Salas and Jelena Tomasevic curated by Boshko Boskovic. While disparate in their presentation, practice and media the artists share an abiding interest in painting beside itself, altering our visual expectations and finding a space which resides between the painterly and the sculptural. The ambiguity of the selected works result from a specific view of painting which is not defined by its being a picture, but by appearing as a material surface or a relief. The artists play out on all kinds of planes employing a wide range of materials and grounds. Wood, metal, cement and parts of disassembled works are recombined and related to one another in approaches that are neither purely painterly nor sculptural. From a formal as well as a historical perspective all the artists engage in a layering of constructions resulting directly from their process oriented oeuvre. Aside from creating their own working methods, their diverse practices inadvertently address the history of painting and sculpture by playfully engaging different formal vocabularies from the Russian Avant-garde to Minimalism.



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