Opere is a reflection and an in-depth study of the poetics developed and shared by the two artists over more than a decade of acquaintance. On the occasion of the show, they dialogue with each other, revealing differences and similarities through a selection of more or less recent works.

Carrying on the comparison already begun in 2011 with the project Genealogia at the Galleria FuoriCampo in Siena, which saw the participation of artists belonging to different generations in a dialogue through their works, the exhibition at the gallery in Milan intends to underline the connection between the two artists by giving voice and centrality to the works themselves, in their purity, without any thematic constraints.

The selected works, which are the result of a continuous close scrutiny in their respective studios, reveal a number of common processual elements: a glance at their productions as a whole suggests that we are facing works which, despite their obviousness, demand adequate viewing time and give the vibration of the act that becomes image to the spectator.

Emanuele Becheri and Carlo Guaita, Opere

at Rita Urso artopiagallery, Milan

April 20 | July 15, 2021

RITAURSO | P.IVA 06176510961 | Via Lazzaro Papi 2,  20135 Milan | T +39 02 546 0582 | info@artopiagallery.net