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Martina Della Valle


April 18 | May 25, 2007

Martina Della Valle’s project consists of a series of photographic images, "reflections" of environments or people, that emerge from various supports: some old mirrors, conceived as unique examples and an installation composed of glass plates that "float" suspended on the floor, on which is composed the reflected image of a large chandelier with crystal drops. Images of light reflections, latent, immaterial, precarious and barely recognizable, in all similar to reality, but specular and not superimposable to it. What the mirror refers to, what is reflected on the surface at the perceptual level is not an image of an external reality but of inner realities, of their own imaginary and lived remained impressed in the mind. In the living part of the gallery are presented some large images of the series "Refuges", born as an investigation into places-hiding where you can create a dimension of private isolation. Here too the track, the impression of one’s own body in space and on objects reveals another reality, an intimate and original place that the photographic language captures and stops significantly.

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