Jelena Tomasevic, born 1974 in Podgorica, Montenegro. Lives and works in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

MFA, Academy of Fine Arts, Cetinje 2004.



• 2016 - Burden of Proof, Galerie Perpetuel, Frankfurt, Germany
• 2016 - Installation Life Interest, Handel Street Projects, London
• 2013 - Installation Object of Punishment, Galerie Perpetuel Frankfurt, Germany
• 2013 - Video Rain, Residency Unlimited,New York.USA
• 2010 - Video Installation, Galerie Herrenhausen, Hannover, Germany.
• 2010 - Apparent Servitude, Artopia Gallery, Milano, Italy
• 2010 - Apparent Servitude, Center for Contemporary Art Podgorica, Montenegro
• 2008 - Just Kidding, Video, Gallery Thrust Projects, New York
• 2007 - Exhibition “Now That We Have Gone As Far As We Can Go....” Galerie Conrads, Düsseldorf, Germany.
• 2007 - Just Kidding, Artopia Gallery, Milan Italy, Curated by Gabriela Serusi
• 2007 - Buero.DC, Cologne, Germany, Curated by Susanne Prinz
• 2006 - Joy of Life II, Thrust Projects, New York
•1999 - Love Machines, Installation Budva, Montenegro.




• Exodus- National Museum of Montenegro

• White Anxieties 

• Unprofessionals, Art Gallery, Podgorica, Montenegro.
• Perceptions, National Museum Cetinje, Montenegro

• Unprofessional, ISU- Institute for Contemporary Art, Podgorica, Montenegro.

She represented Montenegro/Serbia at the 51st Venice Biennal.
• Autostrada Bienale, The Future of Borders, curated by Manray Hsu.
• Art of the Postcard, Handel Street Projects, London, UK.
• Beacon Bureau at Roaming Room-Roaming Room, London
• Gallery Centar, Podgorica, Montenegro.

• Concrete+Clay, Roaming Room, London.UK.
• Coming all Together Galerie Perpetuel Frankfurt, Germany.
• Cold Winds from Balkan, Pera Museum, Istanbul, curated by Ali Akayi and Alenka
• Midpointness, Transart Triennial. UK.
• Midpointness Airspace Gallery, Stoke, UK.
• Strageness/ Amazingness, 49. Hercegnovski zimski salon, Galerija Josip-Bepo
Benkovic, Herceg Novi, Montenegro.

• Exhibition Recycling Religion, White Box Galerry New York, USA
• Exhibition Recycling Religion, Satellite Art Fair, MIAMI, USA
• Satellite Art FAIR, Miami, USA
• Intimate Transgressions White Box Gallery New York, USA
• Wo das Gras gruner ist, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein
• Coexistance for a new Adriatic koine, Fondazione Museo Pino Pascali, Polignano a mare, Italy

• Exhibition Coexitence, National Museum, Cetinje, Montenegro
• Exhibition Procvetaj, Cveta Zuzuric, Beograd
• Exhibition Coexitence, National Museum Tirana Albania
• Exhibition EGO SUM, Center for Contemporary Art Montenegro • Paint Me Sculpturly, Artopia Gallery, MILANO, ITALY

• Exhibition, Imaginarni Balkan, Belgrade, Serbia, Curated by Bosko Boskovic • Exhibition, Subjective Maps/Disappearances-National Gallery of Iceland
• Group Exhibition Sarajevo
• Charlama Balkana, Luciano Benetton, Italy

• Exhibition Crossing, National Centre for Contemporary Art, Ekaterinburg, Russia.
• Exhibition Fluidentiteti ArsAevi, Sarajevo.BIH
• Exhibition Crossing Museum of Contemporary Art Erarta u Sankt Peterburgu , Russia. • Exhibition Multipla Market, Handel Street Project, London, UK.

• Exhibition Free Port of Art, Trieste Contemporanea, Italy
• 1 Time Machine Biennale, Atomski bunker, Konjic, Bosnia and Hercogovina The Quadrilateral Biennial_Out of Left Field-MMSU-Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka, HR
• Exhibition Real Presence, Belgrade-Serbia

• Quartet-Four Biennials Reflected in Prints-International Centre of Grafic Arts MGLC, Ljubljana, SLO. Curated by Rene Block
• Exhibition Sweet Little Dirty Things, Kultur Kontakt, Wien, Austria
• Exhibition, Gender Check, Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw
• Exhibition, The Rise and Fall of Excess Culture, Stux Gallery NYC

• Exhibition, Dear Countryman and Women, Gallery MC, New York
• Exhibition Gender Check, MUMOK Museum, Wien, Austria
• Exhibition Piccolo Stato, San Marino
• Exhibition, Festival novih vizuelnih tendencija, While Rome is Burning, Dom omladine Beograda

• Exhibition farmers Market, Gallery Handle Street Projects, London
• Quartett/Vier Biennalen im Spiegel grafisher Blatter, TANAS, Berlin/Germany, curated by Rene Block
• Art Forum Berlin, Galerie Conrads
• Arco Madrid, Galerie Conrads
• Exhibition Artist/Citizen 49 October Salon, Belgrade
• Pulse Art, NYC, U.S.A
• Art Brussels, Galerie Conrads

• Exhibition Best Regards from the blind spot Centro Cultural Montehermoso, Bilbao • Exhibition Regards from Serbia and Montenegro, Sacramento State University
• Exhibition Horizon EFA Gallery, Curated by David Humphtey, New York
• Inbetweeness, Roma, Italy
• Off – Center Femininities, Windows of Kimmel Center, New York University, Curated by Jovana Stokic
• Art Brussels, Galerie Cobnrads
• Lollypop, Body and Consumption, Museum of Contemporary Arts of Vojvodina - Serbia

• Collapsible Monuments, Thrust Projects, New York
• Art , Life & Confusion, 47th October Salon Belgrade, Serbia, Curated by Rene Block ana Barbara Hinrich
• ScaryTels,Filiale.Berlin,Germany
• Vienna Art, Thrust Projects
• Cross the Line, Galerie Conrads, Dusseldorf, Germany
• East to West, AP4-ART, Geneva, Switzerland

• FEM5-VideoFestival,VideoDrive,Spain
• The Biennial Portfolios, 9th International Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul, Curated by Rene Block
• Montenegrin Beauty, Kunstlerhaus Behanien Berlin, Germany
• Montenegrin Beauty, Mottorenhalle, Dresden, Germany
• The Eros of Slight Offence, Pvilion of Serbia & Montenegro, 51 st Venicce Biennial, Venice-Italy
• S1 Salon-Sheffield, UK
• In the Gorges of the Balkans, Kunsthalle Fridericianum Museum Kassel



• Award Podgoricki likovni salon 1990-Montenegro
• Award Hercegnovski likovni salon 1991-Montenegro
• Award Milunovic-Stijovic-Lubarda - Montenegro
• Award Hercegnovski likovni salon 2001- Montenegro
• Award for best young artist of Montenegro, Centar for Contemporary Art 2007 • Award Hercegnovskog likovnog salona 2016-Montenegro
• Onufri International Prize, National Gallery of Arts, Tirana, Albania 2017


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