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Patrizia Tibaldo, Storia dell'uomo, Video DVD, 5 min 31 sec, 2005

Patrizia Tibaldo


November 26 - December 21, 2010

Humans, a project by Patrizia Tibaldo, is made up of  9 photo portraits and the video “Umano” (2008). The close-up images of faces in pictures and video, drawn from films by Bergman, Zeffirelli, Goulding, Hitchcock, Lynch, Lubitsch and Pakula, reveal on the one hand the impalpable material that is held in the emotional sphere of every person, and on the other hand they pass over, in their formal representation, the individual, to build up an iconology of emotion. To further strengthen the extremely sentimental element of these faces, there is the use of color, accompanying the portrait in the pictures and in the video. The monochromatic strips, simple or dashed, that the artist put beside some of the works underline the intangible and emotional space of which color is the most direct expression, like a kind of alphabet for the reading of an intimate world. During the opening the artist Mauro Cossu will intervene with a sound performance, composed by microtonal phrasings in a changing dynamics, giving a voice to the  infinitesimal variable expressions through which Patrizia Tibaldo, in her video, skillfully scanned the time of emotion. Three different languages - photography, video and sound - converse among them to set out the most intimate and sensitive aspects of everyone's past.

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