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Simone Tosca




In the project especially realized for Artopia Simone Tosca shows a series of drawings (Root, 2012), two sculptures made of wood (Untitled, 2012) on the first floor and the sculpture-wall that goes diagonally across the second floor of the gallery (From A to ∞, 2012). The works arise primarily as a study of the interaction between colors developed through the design understood in the classical sense, the hatch, and through the use of basic geometric shapes, such as triangles of wood which are assembled the sculptures. From A to ∞ is built around a language as simple as possible, freed from the rigor of formal composition: these are free associations of colors that tend to escape the control of the artist because of the schizophrenic nature of the signs. The artistic practice of Simone Tosca doesn’ t want to transfer a content but an act of form, because latter is the content and not the other; the first is absolute, while the second is influenced by the exchange with the viewer that the artist has no real control.At the base of his vision is the desire to experience an alternative communication to univocal relationship of sense-meaning and subject-predicate. It is therefore an approach to art that is meant to be independent of defined parameters and makes the visual interaction free and open. Simone Tosca constructs forms of representation that, from an original fact, give life to images and narratives much autonomy as possible encoded symbolic expressiveness of reality itself. Precisely for this reason his works remain in the balance between order and disorder, form and deconstruction, but above all sense and unintelligibility and their structure embodies the elements that contrast and in some cases make it collapse, transforming.

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