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Claire Chalet


November 19 | January 29, 2010

The exhibition  by Claire Chalet, a French artist that lives in Paris and Milan, will include paintings, drawings and some monotypes. The Claire Chalet’s search starts from a concept of drawing, painting and artistic practice as the development of an interior vision that can organize its spaces according to a personal cosmology. Faire signe means drawing a sign, making a drawing, but also being alive. The title alludes to the artist's ability to create, with her paths and shapes, another reality, surprising in its appearance, when it becomes a sign and beckons us to exist in a primary and enchanted dimension. In her creations an auroral world, a planetary candor peep out, as if a daydream had the power to shape a germinal world, to give a breath of life and a conciseness of form to things and creatures: entities that obey bizarre physical laws, in a condition, it seems, of cosmic childhood, capable of offering us, today, a fresh alternative to the persisting climate of generalized "return of the real." Claire Chalet outlines horizons with reversible dimensions, in which the inside and the ouside are interfaced, populated by unforgettable appearances: meteoric, skidding beings, fixed with a pinprick, existences entrusted to a piece of paper, marks of an embryonal fauna, lost in one of the many possible dawns of the world. The protagonists of her rêveries are moving inside a gravitational anarchy, wandering around, like the little prince in the fable of Saint-Exupéry, on enchanted asteroids where the events follow each other so without prejudice, as without prejudice expand the boundaries of painting and drawing.


Alberto Mugnaini

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