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Diego Zuelli


May 12 |  July 1, 2005


Diego Zuelli stands out in the national art scene for his original research in the field of 3D computer graphics. A deep expert of digital animation language, the artist hands over the cinematic technology to artistic research, aiming for the emancipation from the tyranny of "special effects" or the accurate reconstruction of the real world to show instead its high expressive potential, giving its whole value to the medium peculiarities. The distinctive features of 3D computer graphics let the artist create image-limitless sequences on time development, connecting together different elements typical of cinema (movement), photography (real image), painting (absolute image freedom). In Esposizioni ultrarapide the artist presents the video 3000 esposizioni ultrarapide (2003): in this work a camera seems to rotate around a cliffs dock pushing out to the sea, from which an athlet is about to dive. But the action is stopped just in the moment of his breaking off the cliffs, and goes back on itself as if in a refrain. The technical and conceptual swerve put in by the artist cancel any likeliness to the reality and permits original interpretations: the work becomes vision of another reality, independent representation, event. Beside the video Diego Zuelli shows a series of lambda prints sketching full-lenght characters created with 3D computer graphics.



Marinella Paderni

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