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Andrea Galvani


December 1 | February 17, 2006

''...Decostruzione di una montagna e la morte di un'immagine is a project of redefinition of the physic confines of representation in which obscure mechanisms of disorder are embedded.Transfiguring the typical analysis system of the scientific graphic, and empathizing the didalistic and divulgative character, the artist elaborates a fake net of semantic interconnection.The classic iconography of the landscape, like and implant of the eighteenth portrait, physically blends with outside elements – elementary geometric units that proliferate that mimic at the center of the photogram.In “Morte di un'immagine #1” a white intimate is invaded by the explosive of perspective of hundreds of helium inflated black balloons, anchored on the rocks. In a simple and direct way the artist manages to force the perception of the landscape that vanishes gradually eclipsed by the roundness of the balloons, trespassed by the black volume that censures and changes the image.In this occasion Galvani uses objects from the standardized culture of fun – inflated balloons, smoke-producing, colored cards, technique sports materials – that erupt from the landscape scene as elements of deconstruction of the image in a form of activation of new meanings.This re-elaboration by Andrea Galvani, according to precise projective order, is the universal idea of organism...''


La trama del cosmo, la trama dell’arte by Marinella Paderni

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