MIART 2016



RITA URSO gallery presents at Miart 2016 a thematic project that focuses on the relationship between art and cinema. The stand will host a selection of works that, despite their expressive heterogeneity, are linked by a common interest and allusion to cinematographic language and equipment. Emanuele Becheri, Jean-Baptiste Maitre and Zapruderfilmmakersgroup, all fundamentally explore the substance of film and arrive at a deconstruction of cinematographic syntax from a perspective that is experimental, original and singularizing. Their consistent engagement with cinematographic equipment can be seen in the fact that most of the works involve using 16mm or Super8 film, or the creative use of 3-D and stereoscopic techniques and their pictorial and photographic declinations, or, in the case of Emanuele Becheri, a simulation of a video camera through performance. This face-to-face encounter with the technological tool is done through the prism of historical allusions and theories of cinema itself. Whereas in the cinematographic tradition editing is above all focused on the imperatives of narration, here the disconnected fragments, cut up and up-rooted, are used to articulate the pulsations of an instant free from all psychological and theatrical determinations. Here the literal approach of projection and cinematographic syntax is left behind, in the search for a new visual alphabet.