RITAURSO Artopiagallery is proud to present the first solo show in Milan by Erika Hock (Dshangi - Dsher, 1981).

Erika Hock’s art explores the body and its relationship with space, in connection with architecture, design, and fashion, by creating hybrid anthropomorphic constructions of objects deprived of their functionality. These creations – best defined as quasi sculptures, objects and toys – are presented as bodies of everyday interaction, presences that we recognize as familiar and with which we have a reciprocal relationship.

In the show performing domesticity, Erika Hock explores the dialogue and the extremes in the interaction between apparently inanimate bodies of objects from the intimate spaces of our everyday lives. From this interest of hers in tubular furniture, in particular the cantilever chair, which in its lines recalls a reclining human figure, Erika Hock considers the objects not only as supports or tools for our bodies but as bodies in and of themselves. Indifferent to the notion of functionality, she works on the physicality of interiors – here destructured and subverted – to reveal its uniqueness. Thus the chairs, for instance, are not longer just chairs, but are in search of new forms, captured in the movement of exploring new possibilities of existence, inviting those who observe them to do the same. The sculptures are transformed into bodies and take on the characteristics of life; they lean against the wall and stretch out a leg to form unexpected compositions. They invite us to occupy space with flexibility and to subvert the convention of them as “social tools”.