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Nucré, born from an idea of Rita Urso and Arechi Invernizzi, is a project aimed at initiating a dialogue between contemporary art and the Apulian territory, by developing a series of reflections on the places, landscapes, cultural and anthropological heritage of this region.

Nucré is a summer programme consisting of two exhibitions and a residency. It takes place in two characteristic locations, the Castello Ducale and the Trullo Rubina. The choice of these two sites was designed to create a dialectic between architectural spaces, shaped by history and the rural area, symbol of local traditions.

The title of the contemporary art festival is a word composed of the dialect terms "nu" + "cré" representing a recurring local vernacular saying that generally means "tomorrow, an allusion and suggestion used to convey hope, promise, destiny.

III Edition

I Edition

All photo credits: Marino Colucci

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