RITAURSO Artopiagallery presents the double solo show of Spanish artists Irma Álvarez-Laviada (Gijón, 1978) and Miren Doiz (Pamplona, 1980) for the first time invited to exhibit together and invest the gallery spaces. Both the artists develop their researches starting from Painting and taking it out from its traditional space of expression to the materials, occupying the space in its three dimensions. The objects used, often recycled elements such as plastic bags, cardboard cut-outs or wood fragments, are intended as basic tools for pictorial or sculptural compositions.


Irma Álvarez-Laviada's work reflects on the materiality of Painting by questioning the ways of viewing, experience and understanding the art and its system. The physical absence of the work (when this leaves the space such as the artist’s studio) is the creative resource of her research, an opportunity to think of new configurations and possibilities expressed in the use of elements such as envelopes and sheets of plastic and cardboard - materials traditionally used for packaging, archiving and handling of the works. The transitory movement captured by the "negative" space temporarily occupied by the "positive" artwork acquires a new status, and the revealing materials establish a relationship with the exhibition space while maintaining their independence.


Miren Doiz has also developed a research aimed at subverting the traditional means of Painting, exploring and expanding its limits to different media: photography, installation and sculpture. By taking the space and the forms of perception at the centre of the work, her pictorial gesture integrates the places dissolving in them and transforming in an almost invisible way. Minimal and essential, her a-pictorial intervention shows the space in its original appearance and overcome the boundary between what was there before and what comes after. Two-dimensional painting becomes three-dimensional, deconstructs and reconstructs through objects and spaces to incorporate them together with the observer. 


The exhibition One Thing is presents the work of the two artists fluidly and homogenously without imposing a clear distinction between the expressive space of one and the other, which expands in unison on the two exhibition floors. After the exhibitions at the Spanish Academy in Rome, Irma Álvarez-Laviada in 2011 and Miren Doiz in 2018, and for her also at the Cervantes Institute in Milan in 2008, this is their first double solo show in an Italian gallery.