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A special project at RITA URSO artopiagallery, Milan

October 21 - December 22, 2021


Photos by Lucrezia Costa

Bookmarks is a special reading room set up on the first floor of the gallery, which includes a video documentation of the Moments performance, by the director Tommaso Frangini, alongside a new reading of the catalogs produced by the gallery during its activity. The performance, created by Dutch artist Feiko Beckers last October 7 in the space that will become the gallery's future location, focused on the concept of change by adopting themes and objects, borrowed from the book’s world.


The large metal bookmark sculpture, which on the scene acted as a special indicator of memory, is here relocated to the center of the reading room and supports the catalog published for the twentieth anniversary of the gallery, inviting you to leaf through the other catalogs collocated along the nearby wall, on a large shelf. These are catalogs not in the traditional sense, but, as Elena Gervasoni writes in the critical text accompanying the project, of "(...) small and nice booklets: at first sight, in an overall view, they reveal that free, playful and irreverent attitude to experimental research on art and the way to tell it, never too serious. But not difficult or deep for this.


di Elena Gervasoni 

by Elena Gervasoni 

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