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Jorge Pedro Nunez


March 10 | April 25, 2008

Black mountains in colours is the title chosen by the artist for this new project which is a reflection on the art of our time, rebuilt through the advertising pages of the American magazine "Artforum." The exhibition presents a series of fifty collages made with the advertising pages of the famous American magazine, from the eighties to the present. Núñez uses, as in a game of codes and symbols, the colours, the patterns, the  texts (names of artists, galleries, dates and years) to reproduce images and new figures, which recall masterpieces of modern and contemporary art history:  from Mondrian’s rectangular forms to Joseph Albers’s squares, to Daniel Buren’s "lines" . Moreover, the artist succeeeds in making advertising an original artistic object. The exhibition ends with the projection of the photos of the same pages cut and manipulated as geometric shapes that, placed one upon another, confuse and trascend the original message, creating a new luminous and coloured installation.


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