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Giada Giulia Pucci


May 14 | June 13, 2008

[...] The point of view of the viewer/observer is the premise for the vision and the knowing of a space portion. The look entails a direction and a choice. A choice that is regarding not only the framing but also the content. The look is a choice more or less free. In the installations by Giada Giulia Pucci the viewer loses this automomy, guided to the vision of sculpture and architecture elements which, like vectors, suggest and impose a precise view. In the interventions in public spaces, likewise the ones in exhibition spaces, the gaze of the public changes its habits, in favour of a new place perception and of a reflection that, particularly in the exhibition space, focuses on the display itself. At the base of  the artist's interventions there is the desire of talking with and putting into question a place through the repetition and the rearrangement of architectural decorative elements, often minimal, functional and normally underestimated by vision and fruition. Wrought iron handrails, pipes, separating walls stop to have their normal role, just to transform in sculptural objects recreated by the artist, of a delicate aesthetics, but persistent. Their silent presence, at the limit of camouflage, impose itself on the free choice of the viewer's gaze [...]

Francesca Di Nardo

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