Founded in 2001 by Rita, Remo and Damiano Urso under the name Artopia, located in Milano on the first floor of an ancient palace of the early twentieth century, the gallery inaugurated with an exhibition of Marzia Migliora curated by Emanuela De Cecco. The gallery arouses to the attention of the public and critics already from the beginning of its activity because of the interest set in the Balkan and Middle-East artistic scene, proposing emerging artists for the first time. The site-specific projects, - among others, those of Adrian Paci, Phil Collins and Maja Bajevic - created around the unusual nature of the exhibition space that bordered and intertwined with the domestic space of the family, did privilege themes as home, its loss, sense of belonging and identity.

The renovation of the space in 2008 which led to the definitive separation of the gallery from the adjacent domestic environments, corresponded with the beginning of a new phase widening the field of interest and research from purely existential and conceptual themes to all their plastics application and formal results. At the original name is added RITA URSO. The program of the gallery since the last 10 years focuses on Italian and international artists - Elizabeth McAlpine, Emanuele Becheri, Carlo Guaita, ZAPRUDER filmmakersgroup and many more - who approach architecture, cinema and design, and work with a wide range of media.


via Lazzaro Papi 2

20135, Milano

tel. +39 02 5460582


Opening times:

Monday – Friday   11 am  7 pm

Saturday by appointment

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