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Jelena Tomašević


October 19 | November 20, 2010

9 small-format works on steel plate forming the series Apparent Servitude, hence the title of the exhibition. The fragility of the objects, the architectures that appear to collapse, the boredom that "lives" inside us and the "potential nonsense" put in place to exorcise are protagonists of a bleak posthuman representation that almost cancels the subjects themselves. Against the setting of ample white backgrounds, as if to emphasize the absence of references, with a surreal language, comic, combining humor and a dramatic, Jelena gives rise to a virtual reality, scenarios without existential horizons, “traveling without a visual sense” as defines them the artist. Marina Abramovic about the Jelena’s works on steel:“The works of Jelena Tomasevic appear to me like performance scripts. As a viewer, I can imagine them three-dimensional, and interactive. There is an interesting surreal feeling but not in a sense of old-fashion surrealism. More like a proposition for a new visual language”. The same simple elements of daily life (a house, a pool, a hair dryer) return protagonist in the video Just Kidding: a short tale of surreal, enigmatic images, where once again with the same sense of humor and tragedy, Jelena stages "The Danger " emphasizing the mystery and thrill of fragile beauty that it contains. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog that contains a Jelena’s contribute written for Artopia and some images of her works.


Rita Urso

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