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Today's reading room has been the art gallery of the past two decades. Here today we read and reread, we"take stock"on what has been, on what remains, on what has gone and will come.


A special reading room set up on the first floor of the gallery, which includes a video documentation of the Moments performance, by the director Tommaso Frangini, alongside a new reading of the catalogues produced by the gallery during its activity.

Between the seats emerges the large bookmark of the Dutch artist Feiko Beckers, a sort of metal pedestal like an arm, which with its index finger spread on the floor signals the urgency to stop, sit down and "recapitulate": in fact it supports, in a paradoxical metonymic overturning between container and content, the catalog published for the gallery's twentieth anniversary. It is an invitation to leaf through it and to re-examine the past, so that its light reverberates in the present, illuminating the way towards new future horizons.

On the shelf there are no catalogs in the traditional sense, but small, nice booklets and little books: at first sight, in an overall view, they reveal that free, playful and irreverent attitude to an experimental research on art and the way to tell it, never too serious. But not difficult or less deep for this.


Like a living body, the narrative woven by the various publications has adapted from time to time to the intimate strings of the individual projects, frequently changing the formats of the book, the bindings, the quality and thickness of the papers, the typefaces, the colors, the importance given to the critical text or to the images.

Text written by Elena Gervasoni
Photo credits: Riccardo Ghizzoni
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